Curbside Films provides comprehensive pre-production and production services for projects across the US and India.
Curbside Films offers production services for a range of projects from commercials to short, corporate, documentary, shows, festival events or feature films.
Some of the services we provide are:
• Production management
• Location services
• Talent casting
• Extensive knowledge of federal, state, and local tax incentives
• Budgeting
• Talented and experienced crews
• Film permits
• Equipment rentals
• Cast and crew transportation
• Housing/hotels for out-of-town crews
• Post-production coordination (both in the US and India)
If you are interested in shooting in the US or India, Curbside films can offer a unique perspective to help plan your project. With a diverse and experienced team, both in the US and abroad, we understand the demands of a global market. From script development to social media strategy, we will work hard with you to bring your vision to the screen.